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  • Today I was working on a cutscene for a game and I started realizing how many events/sprites/etc. a good cutscene can use. I have used Adobe Flash for quite a few animations and personally like the way it is set up. Being able to import .flv files and having events such as play, pause, stop would make for some great cutscenes in my opinion. Sure you can just use events and have everything done in C2 however for some of us that don't have the license it would greatly decrease the amount of events being used.

    So I guess what I'm trying to ask is is it possible? If it possible, wiuld it even be considered?

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  • You can export from flash to a series of frames that can be imported as animations, why not do that? Create a sprite object and import the frames from the flash animation into the sprite, and then use events to start/stop.

    Flash is vector based and would require a separate plugin and largely defeats the purpose of using an HTML5 based platform imo.

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