(Fixed for Steam) Unable to start http server

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  • Short: Try running steam as administrator.

    Long: I tried the C2 free edition on steam (under windows 7) then upgraded to the personal edition. But I still got the same error, unable to start http server. I guess some other people have had that problem too.

    What I found out was that steam was starting the free version and not the personal version. (Both versions were still installed). So what I did was this:

    • Backup C2 project data (just in case, you never know)
    • Uninstall all versions of C2 in steam
    • Restart PC
    • Install C2 personal in steam
    • Restart PC
    • Install C2 free in steam (steam did this when I tried to run the Construct2.exe as administrator)
    • Restart PC
    • Close steam (it autoruns on my PC)
    • Start steam with "run as administrator"
    • Start C2 with "run as administrator" (might work if you start normally too)
    • Win! Now I can preview my games on the ipad. Great!

    I hope this works for some of you experiencing this problem.



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