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  • Hi everyone,

    I noticed some people had the same problem I did when I upgraded to the personal licence on steam. I could not get the upgraded version to run in administrator mode. I managed to get it to work and here is how I did it:

    1. go to 'Construct 2.exe' in the windows file manager. You will find it at ./Steam/steamapps/common/Construct2/Construct2-Win64

    2. Right click on 'Construct2.exe'and select properties.

    3. under the 'Compatibility' tab change the "Privilege Level" to run this program as an administrator.

    4. Next need to also set the 'Steam.exe' to run as administrator. You will find it at ./Steam. Follow the same steps as before.

    5. Restart Computer.

    All fixed

    From now on both Steam and Construct 2 will always run in Admin modes.

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