[FIXED] Really dont know how to fix this

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  • Pls Im making a app that need to store a local value on browser local storage. Im doing all right but dont work!!!!! Below is the link to my source app:


    See, this my 3rd try to solve this problem. I created a global var called "host" but Its was not really necessary... I was saving directly from edtHost control, this was another resource that I tryed. I need that when laySetup became active its execute a group that load the content of the var and when its became inactive its save the content that var. See the code.

    Thanks in advance, and sorry about lot of questions today!

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  • At the end of the layout all events left waiting with the 'wait' action are cancelled.

    So you have:

    + On end of layout


    -> Wait 0.1 seconds

    -> Set group "SaveConfig" activated - this never runs because the layout ended 0.1 seconds ago.

  • Hum... I got it.

    But where can I have an detailed explanation about the "wait" action ?

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