[Fix] iOS app crash or startup fail due to audio

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  • Hey everybody, I just want to share my experiences with exporting to iOS with Phonegap. 99% the time that it failed, it was because of audio problems.

    The problem is in C2 converted .m4a files, they aren't compatible with iOS according to my tests. I hope Ashley could check this problem.

    The solution that fixed all the builds I made is that I exported the .ogg files and then converted them on an online converter to .m4a. It works instantly.

    Also another weird bug that I came accross: if the .m4a file is too small (like under 1kb), you can't hear it on the app.

    I hope I helped somebody! Thanks!

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  • I have never heard of any such issues with the .m4a files, as far as I am aware they are standards-compliant AAC files in an MP4 container, and every time I've tried iOS has been able to play them. If you have any trouble then please file a bug report following all the guidelines, otherwise there is little we can do other than speculate.

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