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  • I did a trial with c2(r90) and appMobi. The good thing is that it runs really fast!

    However, I found all of my tiled bg disappeared... bg, wall, floor etc.

    The touch object behaved badly. The touch end event doesn't work unless I touched another button.

    For someone who has interest, here is the link. You may have app.lab installed on your device.

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  • Me too, i made a test game, it works like a charm but tiled background looks glitch like weird black & white grid.

    I tested your game, this game looks pretty, but the engine isn't fast, i think you should to read a tutorial about performance for mobile devices.

    I guess Tiledbackground must be a glitch for mobile devices.

  • I also ran a quick test yesterday and noticed that, using fullscreen on "CROP", the screen would be black, while "SCALE" would scale things and show them on-screen.

    Speed was ok (i didn't have a FPS counter to measure it, but I can tell it was equal or above 30.

    A quick question:

    Is there a way for me to remove the iphone status bar? I couldn't find it anywhere!

  • A quick question:

    Is there a way for me to remove the iphone status bar? I couldn't find it anywhere!

    It's not possible :/, only iOS SDK can hide status bar like [[UIApplication sharedApplication] setStatusBarHidden:YES];, there no way to do it with javascript or meta html tag, i know it's sad.

    Well, i don't think it's neccesary to remove status bar because the people need to monitor wifi, clock and battery life.

  • Thanks guys

    I guessed why I felt fast because I tested it on my new iPad. I agree with Joannesalfa, there are lots of objects on my screen and the width of my game is so looooooong. So I tend to make something simple later.

    Then nothing can do except waiting for the next release (:<

  • We know about these problems and are working with appMobi for fixes. We'll also be adding an option to hide the status bar.

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