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  • Greetings, Im Scott, and new to the C2/HTML5 Compiler. I have a fair understanding of "code" and the interactions as I have a backround in VC++ and SQL, so Im not going to bore you with too many details. For my first full project I intend to build a RPG Sytle SIM, and hope to evolve it to a Multi Player / Multi Shard eviroment. That being said, lemme get to the questions.

    1) In C2, does each "Layout" = a "Map". IE Layout1= House map, Layout2 = Wilderness Map, Layout3 = Castle Floor 1, ETC ETC

    2) Event Page (Global) / Event Page (Layout). Can I assign Values to a Global "Master List" and then Modify them per "Layout"?

    3) What Backend, Server Software, is required to host you own app's?

    4) What exactly is the differance in "actions" and "behaviors"?

    5) Can I deconstruct other .CAPX file to "see what others have done"..? This my infringe on the "stealing code" domain, but I am not intending to use other builders code, just look at thier solutions.

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  • Hi Scott,

    1) You can do it this way. Usually a "layout" is not only a map - it contains instances of objects and the background(s). It's easier to manage when you use different layers.

    2) [Edit]When you only want to access variables from a different Eventsheet then you can use "global variables". Link - "Keeping score"[/Edit]

    Including: You can create an eventsheet - "Global" - and then include it in every other eventsheet - e.g in the with the layout associated eventsheet - "Layout". This is really powerful and you can save many "codelines".

    3) nothing special except a webserver or something similar like dropbox. When using some server side tasks then your server has to support it.. (php,database,..) <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    4) Actions are objecttype specific. (Some of them like set Size/Position appear with the same name/task at different object-types)

    eg - specific actions: button: set enabled

    sprite: set frame

    Behaviors are something that can provide behaviorspecific conditions,actions and expressions to many different object-types.

    eg - behavior drag drop: This behavior provides the action to enable this behavior or disable it. Abstractly: A behavior is an "object" to easily extend objects.

    5) ? - capx are "sourcefiles" <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • 3/ There is no specific server recommanded, but based on your needs you can either go for a regular LAMP server handling webservices (you would use AJAX from C2 in that case) or a more "real-time" server application like node.js for real time multiplayer applications (using something like the custom plugin websocket from C2 in that case).

    In the end it is up to you and what you are making.

    4/ I strongly suggest you to have a look through the beginner's guide (even useful for experienced programmers as C2 has its own terminology and way of doing things).

    You can also have a look through the manual which hold a lot of explanations (how events work, system expressions, ...)

    5/ You can find some example capx included in the c2 install\examples folder.

    You can also have a look at the how do I FAQ, lots of mechanics and other aspects are treated amongst the items listed and often you can obtain examples capx.

  • What Backend, Server Software, is required to host you own app's?

    If you don't need anything server side, a simple file host will do the job. Some people host their games on DropBox.

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