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  • I realize that's a very broad open-ended question, and actually I have a few specific questions to help me achieve that goal:

    First, here's my capx:

    Second, how do I make the ground solid in the image I've set up as a background? I want it to behave much like An Untitled Story as far as the character being able to do simple jumps and moves throughout the level.

    Is there a way to select a color and make it solid? The brown area is what I want to be solid.

    Thanks for your help!



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  • add behavior "solid" to a sprite to make it collide with your character, so you will need to make the brown color seperated from the rest, you could make a sprite with the brown color and stretch and copy to build it like you did in one graphic

  • Ashley mentioned he's working on a tutorial for making a platformer game. Should be out soon, I hope.

  • You have a few examples in the examples folder of your C2 install. A few of them directly concern platformers and should help you.

    A platformer tutorial (like the beginner's guide tutorial) is currently being worked on, check it when it will be out.

    You can also check the How do I FAQ recensing a few examples about platformers game and check out the topic and .capx to see how other setup their games.

  • Thanks so much for your feedback everybody! So, does my first picture (the background part with brown and yellow and blue) go on it's own layer? Do I add the brown sprites on THEIR own layer as well?

    I really appreciate the help.

    Have any of you ever played An Untitled Story? It's a sweet, but simple game that has a lot of depth. If I could ever make a game that good...I'd be awesome. :)

  • *bump*

    Do I make the background it's own layer? Which tutorial would be best in helping me create what I'm going for in this situation.

    I love these exploration games like

    Thanks again for all your tips and advice.

  • When working with backgrounds yes it should be used as a separate layer than sprites, UI, ect...

  • So, here's what I've got so far.

    Is it a backwards way of doing it?

    I've basically just created a brown sprite that I'm dragging out to make all of my walls and floors solid.

    Here's the capx:[url=][/url]

  • its pretty good, you could now change the background image by a background cave scene and put a parallax effect on it, so it moves slower than your groundobjects, just click on the layer background and set parallax to 50,50 or something,

    you can also use the tiled background as solid object, this repeats the image you put in it like a ground texture for example

    also make a top layer and call it UI or something and put text and lives on it and set the parallax to 0,0 so it wont move with the scrolling

    ow and maybe set the layout scale a start to "2" its so small now

    also put you playersprite on the main layer now its on background

  • vtrix,

    how do you move your player to the main layer?

    silly question? :)

  • Right click on the sprite.

  • Gotcha. Then just change it in the left menu.

    Alright. Here's my "cavern" with full functionality and even a few secret entrances. Now, how do I add a badguy or girl to rescue? How do I add dangerous elements like lava? Spikes? What behaviors do I give these items? Thanks!

    Here's the current map:

    I've added lava and it "destroys" my "hero" when he touches it. Is there a way to have a one or two second pause and then have my hero reappear at the starting point?

    Also, is there a simple way to create a "respawning" object?

  • heh? thats funny, if you jump up to the right at start, you come above the level, it totally reminds me of mario bross, maybe this is how they found it

    add behavior : bad guy <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> sorry couldn't help myself

    for life, you could have a "timer" var, on your main character, that count down when dead, to know if he's dead you could have a "death" boolean: thats says death:true

    if boolean:death=true > every second substract from timer var

    timer var = 0 : system restart layout

    making variables = click on character en left panel

  • Ha! That was accidental...but I DID actually but a hidden tunnel in the water on the far left so you can get out and start that section over.

    So, how can I have my hero respawn now?

  • And how do I make my monsters move in a platformer environment?

    If I haven't said THANKS already...THANKS!!!

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