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  • Hello Guys,

    I've developed a small facebook game several months ago, and back then, when I tested it on Chrome, Firefox and IE, it was working on all three fine. Now, for some reason, it gets stuck on firefox. All it has in the "intro sheet" is to SET WEB FONT and PRELOAD AUDIO FILES. Then it has to wait for 3 seconds, fade screen, wait for 1 more and to go the next layout. I've tried omitting everything from the "intro sheet" and left only WAIT 3 SECONDS, GO TO "MENU" and it still gets stuck on the intro sheet.

    Here's the link to the game, it will work on chrome and get stuck on firefox.

    P.S. If it gives out an SSL ERROR you have to disable secure browsing on facebook (from ACCOUNT SETTINGS>>>SECURITY>>>SECURE BROWSING DISABLED) since the website this game is hosted on does not have an SSL certificate.

    Can anyone tell me the possible reason why this is happening? I didn't change anything in the game's algorithm since I've tested it on the browsers. Is there any update that might cause this or?... I don't know guys, I've tried everything I could think of and i'm out of options..

    Thanks in advance.

  • Check for errors in your browser.

    Be aware FF is stricter than other browsers (in JS execution).

    Also maybe the part about not secured server is causing the issue.

  • Kyatric, The part about non secured server is showing up in the beginning and the game won't start at all, so this way you know it's the cause. Then when you disable the secure browsing, it bypasses that error and is no longer a factor.

    I understand that FF might be stricter but the thing is that I tested this game on all those browsers 2 months ago and they were working fine (the only difference was that firefox was putting my font 2 pixels higher than necessary for some reason). Since then I tried on the same version of firefox that I tested it on before and it got stuck. Then I tried on the upgraded version and it was the same thing. Then (as mentioned above) I simplified the algorithm so there is nothing to get stuck on, and it still freezes on the picture like the game just stops... So i don't know what to blame this sudden change on.. I've even re-exportet and re-uploaded the game and it's still the same.

    I thought maybe something happpened since then (that i'm not aware of) maybe a change in construct compatibility or something, that is causing this?

    P.S. have you tried the link on both browsers and did it give you the same result?

  • none else has any thoughts? anything at all? :(

  • I think the solution is to make sure your server supports SSL. I don't think Facebook support apps that don't run over SSL.

  • No guys, once again no. SSL has nothing to do with this. As I said above SSL error shows up in the BEGINNING, before the game even loads, and the way to bypass that is to disable secure browsing. That's it. Whatever happens afterwards, SLL is out of the picture. It's just that the game gets stuck no matter the algorithm on the first layout, it just doesn't work.

  • Facebook changed a lot in the past few months. Your right the ssl won't make this error happen, it'll just block the app from showing. One example would be the publish wall and publish stream permissions have merged into one permission publish stream. Can you share your capx for people to look at, maybe it's something in there?

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  • Did you check for browser errors?

  • Yes, Facebook changes, for example it didn't need the SSL before, now it does, but as stated above, that's not the problem.

    I unfortunately cannot share the capx since this game was made for someone else and I don't have a right to put it like this. I'll post the links to the eventsheet pictures though.

    The LogIn one is the one it passes successfully, and then the Intro sheet is the one it gets stuck on. First I thought it doesn't preload the audio properly, so I removed the "All Preloads Complete" event. Then when it still didn't work, I removed everything and left only the following:


    • GO TO "MENU"

    And it still didn't work.. Besides this game works with any other browser I tested it on (Opera, Chrome, IE10) so I don't think it's the algorithm's fault. You can check it yourself by using this link:

    And keep in mind that the strange thing is, It worked before on firefox too.. it just spontaneously stopped and I can't find any reason why this is so.

    Ashley, yes I looked into the Firefox debugger but couldn't find anything useful :

    LogIn sheet (The one it passes successfully):

    Intro sheet (The one it gets stuck on):

  • Im also having similar problems with firefox, quite the same actually, it gets stuck going from the intro layout to the game layout.

    those are the errors

    1)Error: Permission denied to access property 'ownerDocument'


    2)[NS_ERROR_FAILURE: Failure @

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