Firefox 33 is f**ked up

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  • Anyone did to test Space Blaster with Firefox 33?

    It seems it's lagging and low fps with webGL, when I try to turn off webGL before to run, it crashes constantly.

    Chrome, IE and other browser run very fine with 60 fps to me.

    Anyone knows?

  • It's working for me on Firefox 33, webgl on or off.... Seems a bit laggy / stuttering, though, and Chrome is much smoother.

  • Colludium Older versions of Firefox is supposed to run Space Blaster smoother. I think r184 is affected to problem with Firefox 33

    Ashley Can you confirm this?

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  • Ghost shooter, rain demo, 8-10 fps to me with Firefox 33

    Chrome and Internet Explorer are faster than Firefox 33.


    I found a problem: Firefox console says "Using WebGL renderer (renderer name unavailable)" compared to Chrome and Internet Explorer says my GPU name as Radeon 6650HD, the problem is Firefox doesn't recognize my GPU card.

  • Firefox 33 works great as ever here for me. Maybe your card got blacklisted in this release?

    The "render name unavailable" is really irrelevant, it literally only means the browser doesn't want to give out the graphics card name for privacy reasons.

  • Ashley Chrome and IE runs better and smoother performance, but Firefox runs very slow and low FPS. You should test on computer which is not powerful.

  • Joannesalfa listen to Ashley can make sure your cards not blacklisted you can also try the aura or nightly versions or firefox to see if maybe theres just a compatibility/bug issue with something in your pc . What are your specs, also no issues here.

    also make sure your GFX drivers are updated

  • volkiller730 Older version of Firefox like from 24 to 29, the games run smoother to me until 33. I don't think my Radeon 6650HD is blacklisted, so who knows?

    At this moment, I updated GFX driver and I tried to test Space Blaster again with Firefox 33, it runs smoother, weird!

    I'm not sure Mozilla is trolling me...

  • At this moment, I updated GFX driver and I tried to test Space Blaster again with Firefox 33, it runs smoother, weird!

    Yep, sounds like you had an old driver which Firefox blacklisted.

    I think you can view your hardware acceleration status by going to 'Troubleshooting information' and checking the "GPU Accelerated Windows" property. It seems a bit obscure, but apparently it says 1/1 if it's GPU accelerated, and 0/1 if not.

  • Ashley Thanks, next time to my computer when browsers are updated, if there is something, I will check this page about compability before I get confused.

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