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  • My game is crashing when I preview with Firefox, but there are no indications as to what might be causing it. It just crashes and says it's sending an error report.

    It doesn't do it in every project, so something in my game is causing it. It is a very large project, but I haven't tested it on Firefox for a few days (it was working fine before), so something I've added lately must be causing it. It works fine on all other browsers though.

    Has anyone experienced this and is there any way you can track down what's causing it?

  • It's not normal that firefox would crash because of the execution of a HTML5 game.

    Have you added extensions or plugins like flash recently ?

    Have you updated to firefox 20 ?

    This might be worth reporting to mozilla directly.

    Also what element in your project could, in your opinion, make the browser crash ? Are you using third part plugin ?

  • Got this one time cause I had a endless loop. Chrome did not get any problems with it but firefox was directly shutting down.

    Press control+shift+esc and watch what your memory and your cpu is doing at the moment you open the game

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  • I haven't checked if there's a new Firefox, though I thought it updated automatically. But that's an obvious first solution, although it would be a problem if it was crashing on other people's PC's who haven't upgraded.

    I haven't added any plugins. My game only has 1 (the Spaceship plugin for spaceship movement, which is fairly simple and has been in since day 1).

    It does send auto-reports, so Mozilla will be receiving those.

    I can't think what could cause it. It doesn't crash on other browsers, but what Darklinki says could be happening I guess. Since I always test in Chrome, if it's something that Chrome looks out for, I may have made a coding error that's causing an infinite loop.

  • Usually a browser crash indicates a problem with the browser, not with your game. It's not normally possible to crash a browser with web content.

    Check you're on the latest version (go to About and see if it says there's a new version). You could also try Firefox Nightly, which is a preview of the next version or two ahead. Also try disabling browser addons, since some badly written ones could crash. Also check your graphics card drivers are up to date in case it's a rendering crash.

  • Since I don't use Firefox as my main, it has no addons. I've checked that it's the latest version and it is (it's on auto-update) and my graphics card drivers are always up to date since I allow them to update with every new C2 update (did latest one last night).

    Tis a bit strange, trying to work out how to track it down. Will report back if I have any success.

  • Strangest thing.. I went through my program, disabling groups 1 at a time and finally tracked it down. The oddest thing is causing it.. clearing an array.

    If I do myarray.clear.... it crashes Firefox.

    I've changed it to a nested loop to clear it value by value, and now it doesn't crash.

    I should point out that starting a new project, adding an array and doing a array.clear doesn't crash Firefox. Only happens in my project. But when I clear my array manually, I get no crash, so it can't be some effect from the clearing process. Has to be something happening when I use C2's array.clear functionality.

  • Anything in the error console when it crashes? (Ctrl+Shift+J)

  • Unfortunately I can't access the console because it crashes, closes the window and pops up the error reporter. If I pop up the console before the crash (though it crashes almost immediately), the console closes too.

    I should point out that I've worked my way around this now. I'm only reporting it now as it may be some issue that may need to be resolved. But manually clearing my array has solved it for me.

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