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  • Hello everyone ..

    I'm new here .. but I really want clear answer about these two questions before I start working on construct2.

    1. With the free edition of construct2, can I make a game and publishing it on Google Play store for free and make unlimited money form adds and Google's help, and all the money from adds I'm the only one who can have it ?.. if not .. then in what edition can I

    2. lets assume I downloaded the free edition, and I started working on my game with it .. and I after I finished the game .. I wanted to publish my game on on Google Play store for free .. supposing I can't do that unless I have the licensed edition.. so decided to buy the licensed edition so I can publish my game and make money lets say I couldn't buy it at the time when I started working my game ]the question now ..

    Can I move my work on that game from the free edition to the licensed edition normally or do I have to rework my game on the new licensed edition from scratch again !?

    please I want straightforward answers..

    thank you in advance.

  • You can not make any money without at least a personal license. Upgrading from the free edition you can still work on your game normally. Once you make more than $5,000 USD revenue (or equivalent) from your creations you must upgrade to Business

    from the licensing page https://www.scirra.com/store/licensing#license2

    B. Construct 2 License

    1. Free Edition

    The Free Edition is permitted for use by anyone for non commercial use. Commercial use counts as but is not limited to: use within any business (other than limited testing for suitability), generating advertising revenue, selling or licensing generated content or intention or capability to generate revenue.

    2. Personal Edition

    Personal Edition Licenses are permitted for use by one named individual. No one else apart from this named individual is permitted to make use of the license. Personal Edition Licenses are strictly prohibited for use within business organisations (these organisations must use Business Edition Licenses) except in the instance of Startup Businesses (refer to b.4 for more information).

    The license is non transferable in any way, including but not limited to: resale, transfer of license/rights, lending.

    The individual is permitted to make up to $5,000 USD lifetime revenue (or equivalent in other currencies/payments/benefits) from their creations. This includes but is not limited to revenue generated through advertisments, in app purchases, sale of content, licensing of content, contract work.

    If you generate more than the above stated revenue you must ugprade your Personal Edition License into a Business Edition license within 14 days regardless of if you intend to continue use of your license or not.

    3. Business Edition

    Business Edition licenses are permitted for use by anyone. They have no limits on revenue generation.

    Business purchasing these licenses can either:

    Issue the license to a named employee. This employee is permitted to install and use the license on any machine for activities relating to the Business who purchased the license. No one else in the business is permitted to make use of this license in any capacity.

    To a single machine. The license may be installed on a maximum of one machine at any one time, for use by only one concurrent user.

    If the license is issued to a named employee and that employee is no longer under employment by the business, the license is no longer valid for use. You are allowed a reissue of the license, to do this please email a copy of the license to Scirra. We will then revoke the Business License and issue you with a new Business License.

    4. Startup Business

    A startup business (“Startup”) is one that has generated less than $5,000 USD lifetime revenue (or equivalent in other currencies/payments). Startups are permitted to use Personal Edition Licenses in their business. For every employee that requires to work with Construct 2, a Personal Edition License must be issued to them. Only this employee is permitted to make use of the license.

    When the Startup has generated more than the permitted lifetime revenue, all Personal Edition Licenses must be upgraded to Business Edition Licenses within 14 days.

    5. Business Edition Upgrade

    If you upgrade your Personal Edition to a Business Edition via the upgrade item, your Personal Edition License will be cancelled and a new Business Edition License will be issued to you which is covered under the Business Edition License above.

    6. Content Generated in Construct 2

    You own all the rights to any content you generate in Construct 2, you do not need to pay any Royalties for any content you create or publish to Scirra. If you are using content that is copyrighted to third parties you will need their express permission to use their content in your work before you can use/publish it.

    7. Modification

    Without express written permission from Scirra you are not permitted to reverse engineer any part of the Construct 2 software or the Construct 2 licensing system. You are not permitted to distribute or generate your own licenses or versions of Construct 2 designed to circumvent restrictions on usage.

    8. License Duration

    Licenses for Construct 2 are indefinite and entitle you to free updates to any future releases of the Construct 2 editor for life permitting you are in possession of a valid and fully paid for license and you have not broken any terms of this agreement.

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  • volkiller730 thank you very much

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