Where can i find "good practices" for developing in C2?

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  • Hello there!

    Pretty much title. Is there any full guide on this? For example: for a platform game is always "suggested" to have a block as a sprite and them your actual sprite be pinned on the block. Why?

    Im developing a game that user will be able to change the bullets/ammo... So for this what do i need? One single sprite with all bullets types in frames/animations or 1 sprite for every bullet and make them grouped as a family? I mean, i *think* i understand that families are for "complexes sprites/elements" while the frame/animation trick would be better used for a variation of color/skin only, but still.


  • There are often several different ways to develop specific things in C2. So I think it'd be difficult to find a resource that outlines specifically how to structure every situation you may encounter in your development.

    If I had a resource like that, then I would probably sell it and make money.

    There are some things you grasp along the way though, that most people have to learn- like little quirks with object picking.. like how you can't pick objects that were created in the same tick- but when you create them they are automatically picked. weird stuff like that..

  • I see, thanks Prominent . Thats my issue, to not know what to search for, so i could be doing something "wrong" without knowing.

    Anyway, ill keep an eye on that.

  • You could maybe browse through the closed bugs forum section for things.. Often people post bugs about things they don't understand.. such as this thread where r0j0hound explains some important quirks:

  • Thanks for the tip!

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  • single sprite with each bullet type a different animation

  • This post is quite useful:

  • Thanks dop!!!!

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