Find occurances on event sheets?

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  • Hello Construct 2 community! -

    Unless I missed something (I checked the forum as best I could) there does not seem to be a "find" option available? As my event sheets get larger It becomes increasingly difficult to locate usages of global variables, functions, objects etc. As a developer I'm used to what ever IDE I'm working with to have a find function something to the effect of right click on screen, select find, type in what I'm looking for, and it will find all occurrences whether it be a variable or object or what ever and show me what line it occurs on and the file or in this case event sheet it is on. then while on that page they are highlighted so i can scroll through the document and easily see them. Not sure if this already exists and i just can't find it (no pun intended) or if it could be added?

    Thank you

  • It's called "Search" instead of find, and it's accessible via Ctrl+F or in the ribbon thingy, under the Events tab.

    You type in keywords like a variable name and it will show events containing that variable.

    Pressing escape will clear the search and display the full event sheet.

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  • Ah.. there it is.. Doesn't highlight but close enough.. Thank you!

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