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  • This just started happening to me, I don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but I go to add a sprite to my game, which it let's me do, but it won't let me paint it. Solutions anyone?

  • Don't use C2 image editor. It's only meant for place holder art or temporary changes.

    Also check what tool your on in the tool bar to the side. I got caught up on that in my first couple of days. Just over looked that I was in origin point point mode rather than on a brush/fill/shape tool.

  • Don't use C2 image editor. It's only meant for place holder art or temporary changes.

    I echo this statement. You can make more detailed final assets with image editing programs and there are free programs, such as GIMP, to do this. Additionally, it's better for performance to create sprites of the size you want in an image editing program and then import them through the Sprite Editor, so they snap to that size and don't require resizing. Resizing the sprite object still has the same specifications as the larger version.

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  • It's still handy for quick placeholder or debugging sprites though. legofreak689 if you click the fill icon, it toggles (which to me is kind of weird), so make sure it's actually highlighted. If that's not it, it might be an issue I sometimes come up against. Try using the color picker tool, then the fill tool again, or something along those lines. I think there is a bug somewhere but I don't get it happening much any more.

  • C2 image editor should be called as C2 image manager instead. The only thing that you should be doing in it is managing your collision polygons, your imagepoints, animation names, placeholders graphic, image imports. Beyond that, use other tools which are already establish for a long time.

  • Thanks!

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