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  • Hi guys,

    When I export my game to a cocoonjs zip file, the file size is about 3-4megs (not too bad). However, after using Ludei's cloud compiler to ready the app for the Play Store, the apk file size balloons up to 12megs.

    Has anyone else encountered a drastic increase like this before? Any way to reduce the apk file size?

    Thanks in advance.

  • The compiler need to place an app inside your apk to play world wide. This is common and you can't reduce.

  • Exist any way to export projects in Construct2 and gerate apk with low size? This ends up disadvantaging the production of mobile gaming in construct2, right?

  • Yes, you can reduce the size of C2 games using Intel XDK, but only on Android 5.0 and iOS8 .

  • Olá amigos,

    Dica rápida, de todos os testes com a Ludei, o formato do apk que fica menos em mb é usando o Canvas+, não é possível diminuir mais,,,,,,, usando o WebView+ o apk fica maior,,,,,, usando o Intel XDK que usa o Crosswalk fica grande tambem.

  • Vlw Reinarte, vou utilizá-lo então. Mesmo assim é muito frustrante, meu jogo é minusculo e esta mais de 60mb já :///

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  • Will there be an evolution in this technology to improve the size in MB for html5 games?

  • Hello,

    Regarding CocoonJS, Canvas+ takes around 4MB as autonomous component. Then, if you add Facebook, Google Play, Game Center, ... it increases its size. If you are using Webview+, it takes a minimum of 16MB, which can explain why your project is suddenly so big. About Webview+, it is not our own code. It can't be less than that.


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