FGL - Nook & Amazon APK?

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  • Hi all!

    I've tried to submit a game to FGL and at the end of the process:

    How do I export to Nook and Amazon? There is an "amazon export" in C2, something to do with that? Should I use crosswalk?


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  • i used crosswalk to release a game on amazon because its what ran the fastest for me on kindles bettter then the amazon export option you just need to try an see what works best for your project

  • Thanks for your answer!!

    Once in crosswalk, which exporter should I use to build an Amazon and Nook APK? "Amazon" and "Nook" I suppose?

    I have no kindle nor nook device to check once built... but it worked on my nexus 7 with "Crosswalk for Android", so...

  • well im not sure how the nook works but for me on amazon i released it using crosswalk because of that because that runs best on android and works pretty great on all kindle devices but the original kindle fire for some reason for that one exporting from construct to amazon worked faster. Just note this is all from personal experience with m app your might be different but from all my testing crosswalk for android works great

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