FGL now accepting HTML5 games

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  • Just in case anyone has not heard Flash Game License (https://www.fgl.com/) is now accepting HTML5 games into their licensing system.


  • Thanks for sharing great news!

  • Yeah!! its a GREAT new :D

  • Wow, good to hear!

  • I didn't even know, and the post was from september :/

    I'm going to register and try it out then.

  • Great to hear! I'm sure more Flash portals and sites will keep switching to HTML5 as well.

  • I've been using it for about a week now.

    It's really easy to use and I've already been contacted by a few publishers/sponsors via FGL. It does work! :)

    The community is also very helpful in getting good feedback about your games.

  • Anyone had experiences using FGL and care to share? ;]

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  • The best part about flg is that you can somebody to test your game for a dollar. I find spending 20 or 30 bucks helps your game immensely.

  • How can i upload my game on FGL? I must find a server? Can you explain how it works?

  • you can upload game to dropbox and put the url in fgl.

    Fgl seems to rate HTML5 games very low.They are clearly not interested in promoting HTML5 games. Even good games are rated very bad by fgl.

    There are only very few sponsors in fgl that would be interested in buying your game.

  • Really? I haven't used them, but most vendors eyes light up when I mention that the products run on PCs, mobiles and tablets.

    As opposed to Flash, which runs on PCs and Androids.

  • Well point is they will rate your game low, and if you get low rating then you will get very few sponsor views. Basically no1 is interested in html5 games for PC but they are for mobile. One of the reason might be because like flash game html5 cannot be stolen easily bec it contains multiple files.

    And i think flash dont work on android as of new update.

  • Hello sandy234 do you have any way of showing they rate HTML5 games low based on that as opposed to based on actual quality of the game?

  • My games have all rated 6.5 or 7. Typically points are taken off for sound/music. I consider those very fair scores for the types of games I made. I also don't consider them low based on the strictness of their review process. They don't want a bunch of crap games on their website to show publishers. That was a problem MarketJS had early on.

    I have sold a few non-exclusive license deals from fgl. I'm working on another now.

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