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  • Hi, i have a few simple requests for features in the editor.

    1) Classics right click Align and Distribute options would be very useful for C2. I use these quite a lot with Classic so it would be great to have these options for C2 also.

    2) In a layout when you select objects it would be useful to have a count of how many items were selected somewhere. So if you had a 100 tiles and selected those and 2 text objects it would say "102 Items Selected" in the status bar etc.

    3) It would be quite nice to have a few customizations over graphical elements of the editor. For example the Status bar and Event Sheet (Line Number, Add Action, Add Event) text opacity/color, i would probably set them more visible.

    I am guessing these features would be fairly easy to add so hopefully these are welcome suggestions. Thanks

  • I second the color settings request. I would love to be able to set all of the colors of the IDE. The high-contrast with the bright white background is a bit much after lots of use, being able to set it to something less high-contrast would be very nice.

  • Another thing that would be good is a way to set the expression editor to always be fully visible so it doesn't have the mouse rollover effect.

  • 5) It would be useful if there was a way to lock/enable objects without having to add them to different layouts. It can be quite annoying sometimes when you have a sprites that overlap and when you click the wrong sprite selects.

    6) I will also link to my previous plugin dev requests, mainly so i don't forget the posts link -


    7) It would be useful if the exported HTML codes were put in folders and them there was a way to pick the one you want at export, like a template system where you can add your own etc. This would save the need to export and then edit the page each time if you wanted it slightly different.

  • 8) It would be good if Enable WebGL was available as a option in the Preferences just like Preview browser. I don't want it to default to "On" but that was a recent change so i have no choice but to set it each time i use the program now.

    It might be useful to have other Project based options setup like that also so you can set main default choices for things.

  • So far you can build a really awesome and technical game with construct 2. One thing that would make your game really pretty to look is being able to program colors. Something as simple as transitioning between two colors would make your game look awesome.

    All it would do is make all of the white parts that color. If this feature was added it would make an amazing engine a super amazing engine. :)

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  • FireLight, can I ask why you don't want WebGL on? It pretty much makes your game faster and that's it.

  • Two reasons, the first reason is because i want to test the default mode before accelerated in case the players don't have a compatible graphics card.

    The other is some firefox plugins need me to allow it each time. I trust C2 of course but i have to do this every session, constantly doing this quickly gets annoying and the other option is i globally enable WebGL which i would rather avoid.

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