Few Random Questions for a Successful Game Developer

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  • Share your successful games made with construct 2?

    How much did you earn?

    What did you do to get where you are (marketing etc)?

    You made your game for which platform and why?

    Most of the game developers couldn't make much money what are they doing wrong?

    Is it possibile to earn 1k$ a month with your game (Free or Paid)?

    What advice can you give to other developers who are trying to make some money with their games?

  • damainman and I made Insanity's Blade ( http://store.steampowered.com/app/334190/ ) in Construct 2, we made income both from a Kickstarter (over $7000 CAD raised to cover some costs of development and incorporation, https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/35 ... experience ) and the copies we sell on Steam.

    We've done relatively well making roughly $2k USD a month on average since the game released in December 2014 (sometimes more, sometimes less, not including the other promotions we do).

    If you ever want to do bundling, make sure to give this a read: http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/JoshFair ... Bundle.php

    Marketing (we learned) is best done by others eg: hiring someone to handle this helps a bit, but most important is getting reviews from gaming sites, popular YouTube and Twitch Let's Players, and Twitter mentions/retweets!

    Our game was planned for Desktop and WiiU, but in the end only Windows with Node-Webkit 10.5 was stable and performing well enough to sell (not much else to say other than that we are using another engine for future commercial titles, especially because we want to export to consoles, but we plan to do a post-mortem article about it in the near future). We knew we wanted desktop and console as we were making a large story-based action/arcade game that needed a keyboard or gamepad to properly play.

    This next questions is very difficult to explain, in some cases it is due to engine issues and glitches that don't happen on the developer's machine (but seem to always happen when it's being Let's Played, making your game look really bad), or other times it can be simply making a good game that doesn't reach (or have) a target audience. Maybe check out this article about another Construct 2 game on Steam as well: http://www.pcgamer.com/airscape-the-fal ... t-flopped/

    It's definitely possible to earn $1k a month but there are many different ways for that to happen. Whether through free with adverts an a huge popularity, making games for businesses (eg: freelance), or selling a good game at a decent price on Steam/the app store (prices can probably be higher on Steam than on the mobile app stores).

    The best advice I would give is focus less on making something to sell and instead working towards a game you are passionate about and want to play (or in the case of freelance at least aim for the most fun game you can do that still meets their needs).

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  • Jayjay Thank you very much for your very very precious time. This info will help a lot

    by the way what's kickstarter?

  • Anytime! and Kickstarter is a crowdfunding site where you can raise money to finish or make your game/movie/tool/toy/clothing/etc haha. Other ones like it are IndieGoGo and Go Fund Me I think.

  • Jayjay thanks for sharing your experience!

    Here another post-morten from The Next Penelope game:


  • Jayjay Hey btw who did you hire to market your game? what was the budget etc?

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