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  • Does the Facebook plugin (and score posting) work on mobile devices?

    I noticed the FB login was web based, does that work on mobiles? (And does iPhone allow it?)

    Is there any way to create some sort of color mask, so that I can easily replace colors on my sprites in realtime?

    For example, allowing the user to change hair color.

    And can I easily store saved data on mobile devices?

    Such as music volume, selected hair color etc.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Hezkore,

    Regarding the official facebook pluging.

    If i remember correctly it wont work on mobiles, however theres a paid plugin here on the forums that works great on mobiles. And its cheap too

    Color mask would need webgl effects, i think. I remember having some deficulties with that on CocoonJS exporter for mobile, but you could also make image frames, and edit the pictures in a picture editing program, and then just change the frames to the color you would like.

    You can store saved data with Webstorage (works great on mobiles)

    I hope that helped a bit.

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