also have a few questions I'm new to construct

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  • hello friends

    gamesalad I was using before.

    I passed and I am very happy to construct 2.

    I have a few questions

    1 -) with mediated PhoneGap remove our game in html5 Do we launch a mobile platfrom s

    2 -) Can farm game program, project, etc. Do you have an example

    3 -) in app Purchases System Can

    4 -) to construct twin stick gamesalad want to do a project like project, a virtual stick, I do not know how can I gamesaladda code project is ready

    5 -) is a farm game will do, how do I do when I want to make setting after a certain period of time, such as the construction turnaround

    Thank you in advance for your answers

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  • What ?

    Edit : Sorry I don't understand your english , If you can't just post your post in your native language , I'll translate it ...

  • Well, I suppose I got question 2 and 3:

    2: Basicly you can make any 2D games with C2, included a farm game.

    3: I remember there were (or are) discussions on the forum about in-game purchases, have a look around.

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