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  • Im just wondering, is it possible to have 2 Layouts in one game =/, or can you only have 1 layout =/? Cause i would like to make a title screen, also i accidently closed my events viewer, how do i open it up again ._.?

  • well in CC you can have as many layouts as you wish/need. i assumed it is the same with C2.

    or isnt it?

  • Yeah its Construct 2, Also, is there a way to make a collision circle? Because i want to make like a Analog Stick (like a playstation)(basically so iPhone ppl can use the game easier when set), and i really dont know where to start... can i like set a max x position from the centre.. or would it be easier to just create a circle with collision so it cant pass it?

  • Use the project bar. Right click the layouts folder to add another layout, and double click a layout or event sheet to open it. You can have as many layouts and event sheets open at once as you like!

  • And what about a eclipse collision mask? Or how to even made a collision Mask? is that even implemented yet....

  • We haven't implemented collision masks yet, sorry. It's on our todo list!

  • You can use math to compare the position of the thumb from the base of the "analog stick". If they have their thumb within a certain distance from the centre of the circle, get the force to move with from how far they are from centre, and the angle as the angle between the thumb touch and the centre.

    I only know Construct Classic at the moment, but I think the commands may be similar.

    Condition: If distance(Thumb.X, Thumb.Y, Circle.X, Circle.Y) < CircleRadius

    Action: Force = distance(Thumb.X, Thumb.Y, Circle.X, Circle.Y)

    Angle = angle(Thumb.X, Thumb.Y, Circle.X, Circle.Y)

    (Where Angle and Force are variables, and CircleRadius is Circle.Width / 2)

  • And how do i do commands in Construct 2?

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  • seki, have you tried the beginner's guide? It goes over all that in detail.

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