A few bugs I am encountering.

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  • Hi there,

    I am encountering a few bugs and Im wondering if anybody else has encountered them as well.

    The first is that when I switch screens some game objects are left over. Imagine a whole bunch of enemies that did't get destroyed when you move to the game over screen.

    The second is that some web GL effects just randomly stop working. This only happens when I change screens. After I change layouts a few times then the screen goes black.

    I think this is something in the backend that I can't control. The only thing that I can think of is that I am changing screens the wrong way.

    I should also mention that I am reseting global variables when I exit the game over screen.

    Anybody encounter these kinds of bugs?

  • Check this out: How to report bugs :)

  • The first sounds like you might have some 'on destroyed: spawn object' type events. When you change/restart the layout all the objects are destroyed and that spawns new objects on the next layout.

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  • Display glitches could be driver problems. Are your graphics card drivers up to date? Can you reproduce in every browser? Have you tried other systems?

  • I have tried it on internet explore and chrome as well as a notekit export. Something is for sure happening when I change layouts.

    Also the camera follows multiple layers. Here is what happens

    I start the game

    Play the game

    Switch to game over screen

    Back to start page.

    THe game is then messed up with a whole bunch of errors.

    Before I change the scene do I need to restart the layout?

  • Something is for sure happening. Whenever I restart the layout the WebGL effects start to turn off. I have checked this over multiple browsers. As well I couldn't get the mac version of node webkit to work.

  • Actually it sounds like you have objects set to "Global" which makes them appear on all layouts..

  • What exactly do you mean.

    There is something going on with the switching of the layout. Usually in other development environments a problem like this would be a missed variable or a mis-assigned variable.

  • Click on one of the objects that is showing from layout to layout, and check it's properties for the global setting. If it's on, turn it off.

    4th line down in the object's properties bar.

    Name: Enemy

    Plugin: Sprite

    UID: ##

    Global: No

  • It seems they are set to global no.

    Perhaps I am doing something wrong when I change layouts. I just go an change the layout. WHen something happens. Am I supposed to reset it in someway shape or form?

  • No, it should reset itself.

    Can you upload a capx, or recreate the problem in a new capx that you could show here? (trying to recreate the problem sometimes leads to the solution.)

  • I found out the problem and the solution!

    So what was happening is that certain objects were not getting destroyed and it was messing up the entire game.

    Solution: Make families that destroy everything when they move scenes. So you have to make a family for game objects, a family for text objects, a family for particles, basically a family for any kind of game object and when you move scenes you have set all families to destroy.

    For future, perhaps we can add this automatically to the change layout. This would cause future distress. Or perhaps a system-destroy all feature.

    This would be very usefull for bigger games. My game isn't the biggest and it was still causing problems

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