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  • Hey guys,

    I had a few assorted questions about Construct 2 and I wasn't sure where to ask them, so if you need to you can move this topic =)

    1. I see that the prices of C2 don't mention per year. A lot of the other places like Gamesalad and Stencyl offer a similar program but with a yearly payment plan. Is this a one time fee and you'll charge for upgrades in the future or is this a yearly subscription type of deal?

    2. From what i was reading in the tutorials I couldn't find a defined or specific answer but I would really like to release games on Steam in addition to the iPhone and iPad. Now I know the Apple stuff is still experimental with the PhoneGap stuff but is publishing the game to an exe and then putting it on Steam an option? (obviously I know Steam has to approve it, but despite that)

    Thanks for reading!

  • I moved your post to the C2 forum which seem appropriate.

    1. The payment of C2 is a one time fee.

    2. No exe exporter is planned for now.

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  • That's cool to hear about the one time fee. So since there isn't an exe exporter, no true iphone/ipad support, the only real option is to make web games at the moment?

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