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  • Hi!

    Well I know this is not the best place to ask for help with amazon webapp tester, but I hope some fellow Construct2 user could help me. I'll put the question in Amazon forums too, when I find where they are...

    I want to release my best app (jigsawpuzzle, also on the website you see in my signature) to Amazon app Store.

    The app should work fine on Amazon, since it works fine on most navigators. But, when I use the "Amazon Webapp Tester", the app can't reach an xml file located in its same server and folder (this is the file with the list of background images).

    Since the webapp tester runs inside Android (such thing as an android browser emulator running inside android only sounds amazing to me), I have to use an android emulator to run it.

    Should I add some permission somewhere?

    Should I blame the emulator instead?

    Thanks in advance.

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