Feeling a bit cheated by Scirra.com

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  • Bought construct2 yesterday after looking that they aren't planning any promotions on the product.


    and today, less than 24 hours after I bought it, there suddenly is spring sale.


  • That's unlucky, and I can understand you being a little peeved, but the tweet is 7 days old, how soon is soon?

    I guess no matter when a price offer comes up, there will always be someone who just missed the boat...

    I do think some bonus assets, tshirt, sticker pack or similar token gift would be a good idea, in situations like this.

  • roke - I'd send them an email explaining the situation (in the off chance they don't see this post).

  • We genuinely didn't have any plans when we tweeted that a week ago. We pretty much arranged this today only, to coincide with a last-minute Steam sale that is also happening. We also have to draw the line somewhere - even if we announced sales in advance, people who bought just before the announcement would be disappointed. Don't forget 95%+ of everyone who's ever bought C2 also paid the same price as you.

  • I don't think you are cheated. I am not buying Construct 2 now with 40% of discount, it is not that I don't have money but the thing is that I want to support C2 so much that I don't like it to buy more cheap. Since I have used about 4 engines but if you ask what is best in 2D engine I will say that C2 because of the simple and easy way it has. Some of the engines are also like 5000 dollars which is a bit very much for me.

    And yes pixel perfick is right that there will be you or other who will miss the chance of buying with discount, because no one know when the discount will come. :D

    But I am sure that if you can make even one good game with C2 you can make 1000 Dollars easily. :)

    So stop thinking about the past and do the work in present. :D

    I am just making you understand in my way please don't feel that I am hurting you or saying bad. If you feel this than I am sorry from my side. I just want to tell you to support C2 and to others also. :)

    Thanks in advanced.

    Bye bye take care.

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  • Thank you everyone for support and nice words and just everything,

    it's OK and well the software is great and I enjoy working on it even better than I ever did with flash.

    Thanks again!

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