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  • Hi.

    Add that when duplicating a layout it also duplicates if parallax is visible in editor for layer.

    Add invert selection option for selecting multiple objects.

    Add current selection to history. (if you accidentally click outside selection everything is unselected. I want to press Ctrl-z and then my selection is back like in Photoshop or other packages.)

    Prevent objects from being placed in locked layers. (If a layer is locked but highlighted objects can still be placed inside)

    Example = copy n paste an object. It should be pasted in the unlocked layer that is selected. If the selected layer is locked do not paste object into layer.

    Improve object placement. If parallax visibility is set to enabled in viewport, when you place an object it places it far off screen due to compensating for parallax. Objects should be placed where selected.

    The above requests will speed up workflows significantly.

    I have recorded times on current level design. Due to the above missing functionality one level takes 2 - 3 hours. Unpolished.

    I am confident when i say, add the above functionality and it wont take more than 1 hour.

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  • Modified post to add additional requests.

    Most annoying is the object placement offscreen issue.

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