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  • I'm sure most of these are already in the "what I presume to be massive" suggestion box, but I thought I'd throw them out anyway:

    1. Family.ObjectName( Event/Expression) - Get the project-defined name of an object within a picked family list. If current Family SOL list is greater than one, it does the standard Construct 2 behavior which just returns the ObjectName of the first one in the currently picked Family set.

    2. Clone object (Action) - Copies all instance variables, position, etc. The only things that would be new would be UID and IID values.

    3. IsBehaviorActive (Event/Expression) - We can already disable/enable behaviors through events, it would be nice to also have a Platform.IsBehaviorEnabled/Bullet.IsBehaviorEnabled/etc (it would help save having to declare an instance variable)

    4. Sprite.HasAnimation(string animName) - Expression/Action - returns true/false as to whether an animation of some name exists for a given sprite. This would be an incredibly useful since I am frequently adding sprites with specific sets of animation names and have generic code to handle switching between them.

    And lastly I wish to impart my sincere appreciation for the work and care that has gone into Construct 2 in the first place!


    -- Cacotigon

  • You can scratch 1 and 4, I went ahead and added them to the default Sprite plugin javascript so that I could make use of them in my projects. <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I guess Clone would be the singular most important feature out of these that I'd like to see in Construct. There's just not a clean way to implement something like this in Construct 2 through events, since we can't create/spawn by "string name".

  • Remember never to update the default behaviors and objects. Make your own from a copy. Every install will erase you updated object.

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  • firebelly:

    Yeah, I would ordinarily have created a new sprite plugin for these features but my proj already has 50+ Sprite objects and I didn't feel like futzing with the xml to point them to my modified Sprite.

    As it stands, I wrote a little standalone patcher which modifies the js files and adds my changes to the relevant files so that whenever I update Construct 2 I can put my stuff back in quickly.

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