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  • Hello, I don't know if anyone has asked about these features, but here are some ideas I would love to seein C2.

    1) An option to add a BLANK event or sub-event space without opening the 'Add Event' window. This would allow adding copied event.

    2) A button or way to destroy all instances of an object at once on the inspector page instead of one at a time.

    3) It would be nice if the C2 program remembered all the margins and box sizes for the events and actions upon minimizing >< maximizing the program window. Sometimes I accidentally grab the program window and it goes to half-window size, but then, when I go back to full window, all the margins are reduced to minimum and I have to redrag them to proper size.

    4) A really big help would be if, upon undoing/redoing recent events, the screen would jump to the spot and highlight the area of the event or change in question. Sometime I find myself undoing a bunch of changes and having to search for what they were and hope to notice them.

    5) Possibly a bug: I notice that occasionally the icon for an object changes to a different frame of the object instead of staying as the 1st frame. Is there a reason for this?

    Anyway, love the program and I'm having a blast creating. Any ideas or help on these issues is appreciated

  • for #1 read through this there are shortcut keys for what your asking https://www.scirra.com/manual/64/keyboard-shortcuts

  • Thanks for pointing that out. I'll have to learn some of those useful shortcuts.

  • Is there a more appropriate forum location to post feature requests? Anyone else agree or have a comment on some of these (besides the 1st)?

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  • This is an OK location for suggestions, as Ashley has said previously he does look at them, even if he doesn't comment in them.

    Personally, I don't see the need for any of your suggestions, as I have never come across the need for them. But that's just me.

    Suggestions would need to benefit the majority of users, but if it's just affecting a few, then it may not be deemed a priority.

    Maybe the new C3 editor will incorporate some of your suggestions, but we won't know for quite a while.

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