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  • Hey Guys!

    I'm totally loving C2! My only issues are with things I've grown very used to/ fond of in Classic.

    -Sprite Distort Map/Skew

    I would desperately love to see this bit put back in as I use it heavily.

    • Sprite Array Paste

    When I went to do things like Animated grass for a platform level, I laughed and said forget it, making it a static tiled background image. So not as desperate to have this but I found it very useful at times.

    • Sprite collision on and off

    I saw something like this in one of the behaviors but it didn't work as I expected. This comes in very handy when something needs to go through a solid object and nothing else does.

    I think those are the main issues I had. Other than that, I've been successfully porting my CC game to C2 and it's been going very very quickly!!

    Thanks for the great product guys and keep up the awesome work!!


  • Nice suggestions. About Collision on / off , what you probably want is collision groups. Like groupa A is the Hero. Group B are the enemies. So group A collides with B but B doesn't. So enemies don't collide with themselves only with the hero. This is almost a must in any engine. It can done with Families. But i'm not sure if C2 has Collision Groups builtin.

  • I'm handling those collisions that way actually. Hero to enemy and bullet to enemy, etc. Are all set up as familys. My issue is with background to enemy. In this case I want them to follow the platform rules until they die. When they die I have them "jump" and fall off the screen. At the moment I have the ground set as jump through which is causing all sorts of problems, but it seems to be the only way I can have the enemies fall through the floor.

    The only other thing I can try is to have the enemy sprite destoyed when it is hit, and have it spawn a death sprite which follows different rules...

    In the CC version all I do is shut off their collision detection when they die and through the floor they go!

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  • What about disabling collision to the dead enemies?

  • There is no actual way that I can see to do that. I did however do the trick I was talking about in the last post and it worked! I just spawned a new object (dead sprite) in place of where the old one is destroyed and gave it a bullet behavior with speed 400, acc 0, gravity 1000, no bounce and no angle. In the event sheet I have it set to spawn and set the angle to 270 which ends up giving it the exact jump effect I wanted and allows it to pass through solids!

    Thanks for the help too guys! The CC and C2 Community rocks!!

    Still hope to see the distort/skewing added in the future. I loves it a lot ;)


  • I told you because I disabled collision to a several physic objects that I have in my scenario and now they all go through other physic objects...

  • Ahh - my objects were all platform behavior based. I supposed I could have done something similar with disabling the platform behavior upon being hit and enabling physics behavior for it.

    Anyhow, the point of my post was just to say that CC had the ability to disable sprite detection without the need of other behaviors is all. It just made that part a little easier :)

    I'm still getting used to the changes between the two programs. I just started with C2 exactly a week ago! The loss of containers was strange at first too until I became used to the unique id for the parent sprites.

    Anyhow Thanks again!!

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