[FEATURE REQUEST] Zoom out further in layout editor

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  • I think a minimap window would be a better option than just being able to zoom out more.

  • EncryptedCow, at this stage in C2's life, I doubt we'll see a minimap. Though I'd love to be proven wrong.

    Scirra team, can we please get an official response to the zoom out request? It's a very minor and very reasonable request that would make life a lot easier for a lot of people trying to create something more than simple mobile games.

  • Yeah would be nice. Hopefully its not due to a technical limitation and can be adjusted easily.

  • I used to think that 10% was perfectly fine, until I started designing the entire layout for my game.

    Being able to zoom out more would be very helpful, and I'd like to add my +1 to this being implemented.

    If you were building a low res or mobile game the current zoom level would be enough, but the 10% limit feels a little cramped when building a larger pc game.

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  • Glad I'm not the only on who sees this as an issue. Given that it's fairly easy to scale layers in-game I'm sure this would be straightforward to implement in the editor.

    Would be great if Scirra gave us an official response on this. Seems a very reasonable request to be able to zoom out to 1%.

  • +1299

  • For the love of all that is good and holy, Scirra, Ashley, can we please get an official response to this very reasonable request!

  • archer007 RegPhoenix i ask Ashley about this two years ago to implement posibility to zoom out more than 10% - not a chance

  • I think Ashley seriously needs to consider the needs of PC game developers. The 10% zoom limit is fine for tiny mobile game levels, it is a huge hindrance for even mildly ambitious PC games.

    My PC game will run at 1080p. The player sprites are 200px tall and can move very quickly. The nature of my game is such that the layouts are going to be large, even when breaking up a level as much as possible between layouts. Like you delgado my layouts will be upto 200k (but not much more). At present, it is a huge pain in the rear to build levels, scroll around, move things or simply just eyeball layouts of this size.

    My game is not yet optimised but still runs perfectly fine at 60 FPS on a modern spec PC and uses 1gb of RAM, so I completely reject the suggestion that we are creating games "too big" for Construct2.

    There is absolutely no harm in extending the editor zoom capability. I really don't understand the resistance.

    Others on this thread please comment if you agree.

  • It's not actually quite as simple as it might seem: the layout renderer view is actually a 3D view (no, we won't be doing a 3D editor), with a camera pointing down to the layout surface and zoom is done by moving the camera Z co-ordinate. Then there is the traditional view frustum and projection maths that go with that. There's a bunch of stuff that needs tweaking to update this. However I can say it's already fixed in C3 - you can zoom out to 1% there.

  • Thanks for the response, but I'm guessing C3 is at least a year away and I'm now in the level design phase of production when I need the zoom out feature the most.

    I and I'm sure others on this thread would appreciate it immensely if this could be addressed in a near future C2 build as well, but it sounds like a few days/weeks of development work, rather than the few minutes I assumed.

  • ...the layout renderer view is actually a 3D view (no, we won't be doing a 3D editor)...

    Wow, that surprised me I never would've guessed it uses a 3D view.

  • Agree with RegPhoenix, the sooner we can get this feature the better. Level design in my GTA style game (city sized maps) is absolute torture at the moment!!!!

  • +100, would be very helpful for all the reasons already stated in this thread.

  • Glad to hear this has been addressed in Construct 3. I was getting a little worried for a moment. Thanks Ashley!

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