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  • I am sorry if this feature already exists, but I do not find it anywhere.

    It would be nice to have an Update button on the main menu. Everytime I try to open a friend's project (and his client is one or two releases ahead of mine) I have to download the 100MB file from scirra website and install Construct2 again.

    This friend of mine keeps his client updated regularly because he uses steam. But I would like to keep my steam-less version.

    Is there an easier way to update Construct2?

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  • I believe there already is an update popup on steam-less version. If you are working on a project WITH your friend, I recommend you both keep up with the same versions of C2.

    I think you can also open .capx files with notepad and edit the Version of the file to match your version of Construct 2, which would allow you to open it but it's highly not recommended.

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