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  • I'm developing a project with Construct 2 that's not intended for mobile devices, and is oriented towards desktop usage. So the message which pops up telling me "Your project is using X amount of memory" and then links me to the "Remember not to waste your memory" page is annoying, mainly because it pops up EACH time I open the project again.

    I get it. I need to watch my memory usage. No need to link me to the page over and over again every time I reload the project file.

    An option to turn this off in preferences would be much appreciated.

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  • Small bump -- edited header since that seems to be a way people ask for features around here -- if there is a better place to put this someone please let me know

  • Small bump -- edited header since that seems to be a way people ask for features around here -- if there is a better place to put this someone please let me know

    It's not acceptable to bump your own thread after only a few hours.

    For something like a feature request, there is no need to bump at all. If it's something Ashley thinks will be useful then he would add it to his list for either C2 (unlikely) or C2 (a little more likely).

    As with all feature request, a good case needs to be presented on it's benefits. Just because you want to turn off the notification, doesn't mean it would be useful for everyone.

  • Sorry, I only bumped the thread so soon because I was unsure if this was the proper place to post a request of this kind, and I wanted to at least make sure someone could tell me I was doing something wrong if I needed to put the info somewhere else for the C2 developer(s) to look at it, so it didn't get lost in the dark.

    I'd say the benefit to working on this is that it disables a major annoyance for anyone whose game is going to use more than 1 GB of ram (which is what seems to be the threshhold for triggering the notification). Ie, people building large desktop games rather than smaller or mobile games.

    For someone like me who has many months (maybe a full year) yet of working in C2 until release, where the project is only set to get larger, a notification/auto-link appearing each time I start the program over and over is going to get irritating -- especially since C2 has the odd memory leak issue where it gets slower and sometimes needs to be restarted to return to optimal run speed.

    I do think the auto-link is the bigger issue. The notification at least informs me of how much memory my program is using, though I think putting this somewhere else (project properties?) would be less intrusive. But the auto-link is something that will only be useful the first time, and doesn't need to pop up every time I start the program (especially since it obviously starts the client's default browser by itself even if not open).

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