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  • In many IDEs I always found it useful to know where I left off when working on many projects. For example, if I write "TODO:" in a comment in Visual Studio, I can look at my task window to see things I need to do. In addition, I can add tasks to my task list separately. This greatly helps keeping track of my progress - especially as they get big! :)

    Anyhow, just thought I'd toss out another idea. ;)

  • There's always the 'q' key to add a comment to your events. Put it at the very top of your project and you have notes :D

    I've been using a free web 'todo' list called workflowy.com that way I can view from anywhere, especially on my mobile device.

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  • I just knew someone was going to response and tell me about comments. LOL. ;) I actually had this response ready in my head: Feature requests usually have work-arounds, but that's no reason not to request it. ;)

  • Notepad then? ;D

  • Dude, I'm already using notepad! LOL... ;)

    For now I've added an event sheet called "!Comments!" where I dump all my todo items. ;)

  • I use text objects that are off to the side of the layout I'm currently working on. I list them under TODO, bugs and milestones, and then colour-code them and order them according to priority. The system works for me but there's definitely room for improvement.

    So, in that sense, I can get on board with the idea of a built-in TODO list thingy, especially if it could reference specific events and objects in that list.

  • Yes, the referencing is important! :)

  • I think the referencing is the key, to be able to go to a todo list and double click on an item in it and have it jump to the referenced event or object in my project would be very nice. Visual studio has so many great conveniences when it comes to tracking progress and tasks within your project and quickly finding them to continue working on them. Comments are for adding context, but unless you want to search through them and then search again to find where the relevant objects or events are, then a TODO list would be a great addition. Of course, it would only really be of use if it keeps context of the relevant objects or events. I know I sound redundant on that point but redundancy is the path to familiarization, and I would love this feature to be as familiar as possible so it gets some traction. +100

  • Especially when working with teams. I'm sure Scirra would work towards networking their IDE for teams. (Hint hint) ;)

  • You might want to take a look at Trello. It's a web app (runs directly in the browser, no plugin required) to make real-time TODO lists.

    If you want to, you can see the one I'm using for my project, I made it public: https://trello.com/board/rikerok/4fe63763baa5cd8f1e2a06bf

  • Especially when working with teams. I'm sure Scirra would work towards networking their IDE for teams. (Hint hint) ;)

    It's kind of already done. How to collaborate on projects with SVN.

  • SVN is a third party solution for sharing/versioning files. Go look at the Hero Engine to see what I mean. ;) (I worked with it for awhile) For teams with SVN, a networked solution such as TFS for Visual Studio provides a more integrated experience. There's always workarounds - doesn't mean we shouldn't request the features. ;)

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