Feature request: Timed Auto-Save please

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  • Sorry for asking I know you guys are probably super busy as always but I think the program could really use a timed auto save feature.

    While the program is quite stable there are still a couple of crashing bugs that will eventually rear their ugly head. Unfortunately I cannot reproduce or find a pattern to them otherwise I would totally report them. It's just happens after one or two hours of use.

    Now I know that the "just save frequently noob" phrase applies perfectly to my problems but when things get exciting and you are lost "in the zone" it is hard to remember.

    Thanks for the cool and useful stuff you keep adding (replace object ftw) and hopefully, what I am asking for would not be too hard to implement as it would really help the ease-of-use of the application.

    Edit: Something like save every 5 previews would also be a workaround solution if the timed one has some sort of complication.

  • I totally get what you mean, I hate it when I loose a chunk of work because of a random crash, however I wouldn't like my capx getting overwritten just incase I messed up and wanted to undo. Buut...

    I think some sort of realtime capx is stored whilst you use C2, and when C2 crashes, it could detect that it had crashed and when the next time C2 is opened, it would report that it detected the crash and if you would like to recover the projects that were opened. That way, crashes don't cause harm :D

  • You are absolutely right, a sort of "myproject.capx.autosave" that doesn't overwrite your main file but to which you can return when everything goes wrong.

  • OMG, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. :/ I just had another random crash and almost lost a bunch of work. I had C2 crash when left on over night as well (though usually I would save before leaving). I think C2 should auto save to a temp file and ask on restart to restore the saved temp file.

  • Wouldn't be a bad idea, could really save hours of work, especially when you forget to save as you're so into the game your working on <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • cool idea and I imagine it wouldn?t be too difficult to implement ;]

  • There are auto backup and scheduled backup options in the product: Keep your work safe with construct 2's backup options

  • It's on the todo list already!

  • BluePhaze: There is no timed saved, which is what this request is about. Glad to see it's on the todo list. ;)

  • Has my vote. I just lost a big level because I'm an idiot. Would like to see it running the autosave every minute or so. Sometimes I make a lot of progress in a short amount of time and that's when crashes seem to happen.

    Also, a little "SAVING..." update in the progress bar like most programs have would remind me to manage my own rolling save schedule.

    Thanks for being aware of this developers!

  • Glad this is coming!

    Construct 2 crashes for me too sometimes when i press CTRL+something silly, by accident.

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  • October now and this is still not implemented <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> Can we at least have some sort of timed reminder that we should probably save now?

    Second time I've lost changes in the 3 weeks I've been using Construct 2. (Which is otherwise generally wonderful)

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