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  • Hello, and thanks for all the great work in Construct 2.

    Often, when testing my project, I find my level's layouts need to expand or contract. This causes trouble for my tilemaps, which then have to be manually redrawn to suit the new layout shape.

    Would it be possible to shift the tiles within the tilemap? X rows left or right, X columns left or right?

    I'm sure there's more pressing features, but this would make the tilemaps a perfect canvas to design platform levels.

    Thanks again - if I'm being unclear I can explain more.


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  • If you mean you want it for the editor, rather than runtime, then you will have to be much more specific on the implementation.

    I can think of two ways, either a: a button in the tilemap window, or b: copypasta using a selection box in the layout editor.

    I can pretty much guarantee the answer to both is use Tiled map editor.

  • Apologies — I meant within the editor, not runtime.

    In my amateur opinion, it'd would be a right-click of the TileMap object, and selecting "Shift...". A dialog box would ask how many rows and/or columns to shift the tiles. Positive numbers in rows would shift the tiles right, negative would shift left (and the same idea for columns down & up).

    The tiles would wrap; if my TileMap was 10x10, and I shifted the tiles +1 column, the tiles in column 10 would wrap to become the tiles in column 1.

    That's how it would work to me anyway - in the meantime I'll look into that Tiled map editor.

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