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  • After about a week or searching for a way to do a procedurally generated table, I am left to engineering my own patchwork solution. I cannot say how nice it would be to have an official table object to use.

    Some of the basic properties that I would like to see:

    * 2-dimensional orthogonal frame of reference

    * Automatically resizing cells that adjust to the sprites/text within

    * X/Y coordinates for cells

    * Sprite or solid color backgrounds for each cell

    * Subsidiary Z-layers within each cell (or perhaps just integrated with the overall layout z-layers?)

    * Top-left 0,0 reference point (like text objects)

    Some more intensive properties that might take more time to get working:

    * Cell combination (to make non-square tables)

    * Perhaps some dynamic coloring/etc. for borders

    I am sure that there are a lot more useful tabular features that I am missing off of the top of my head, but just ask Google Docs and grab some of their feature sets.

    You Construct devs have worked some nice magic in the JS realm thus far; so I don't imagine this would be too much of a stretch for you, just a matter of time and money.

  • You should probably define what you expect a table to be, as well as cell, probably more so.

    They can't just take any element and make it work on all platforms. Some things have to be redefined.

    For example, a cell could be defined as a simple graphical box that has width, and height, as well as a border.

    While that's simple to do in html, and css, it's not so much to include it in webgl, and any object relying on the dom.

  • While I understand your desire to want a table. Tables are extremely niche for game development use. This is the kind of feature that is often created for custom use and custom created.

    If hover you need grid control Rex I'm sure has grid based features that fall in line for what your looking for.

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  • Yea, I am already neck deep in Rex's grid system. It is the closest thing I could find, and my patchwork solution stands upon his work.

  • Just to chime it, it would be really nice to have some sort of table object in the game -- something that would facilitate the better display of information for game menus, player status, etc... They already support other html objects.

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