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  • Maybe this is possible already, but if not, sound sources would be a great addition to Construct 2.

    I'm currently creating a game where you build and place autonomous robots in the (rather large) world. To make these robots feel alive, I've given them sounds. The bad part: even if the robots are off screen, I hear their sounds, making the game very chaotic (and even confusing) rather quickly.

    Thanks for your consideration!

  • We do want to add more audio features, but audio in HTML5 is very limited at the moment and generally can't do things like this well. So maybe we can add it in future. However, for the time being you could try setting the volume depending on the distance from the screen, or simply not play sounds which are off-screen.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, that's what I've been doing = ]

    I figured HTML 5 had limitations in this area. Figured I'd ask since I'm not that familiar with the platform.

    Speaking of distance-based solutions, though, it would be great to have a simple System function in for distance between two objects. It might be a one-off for comparison of two values, but I find myself having to do the algebra a lot.

    BTW, Construct is fantastic. I work professionally in game production, and this might be my new favorite prototyping tool for game ideas just for the sake of how easy it is to get an idea up and running.

    I'll try to spread the word!

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  • You have the system expression "Distance()" which does exactly what you described.

  • I just discovered this and was about to reply so myself! My bad.

  • set volume to -(distance(scrollx,scrolly,object_making_sound.x,object_making_sound.y) / somevalue)

    Somevalue should be from 1 to 100, with higher numbers making less fade-off as you move further away.

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