[Feature Request] Show Pathfinding Field in Debug

  • There's always a lot of questions on this forum that concern the pathfinding plugin. Pathfinding by nodes is non-intuitive because we have to 'imagine' what the field looks like and can't automatically account for small gaps or other issues.

    Pathfinding debugging generally takes as much time as previous debugging did before the debugger. For example, array debugging before the debugger could take hours, but now we can see problems in real-time and solve array issues in minutes.

    Is there any way we can trigger a pathfinding field to show up in the debugger? I don't care if it only works for 'solids' initially, but just something to make this more intuitive would be great.


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  • Look at the stock 'Pathfinding' demo. It uses events to display the obstacle grid and show the movement waypoints.

  • Ashley, I still think this would be a useful debugger feature. I tried converting the stock demo events to work in my project, but I'm pretty sure what I saw was not the obstacle grid.

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