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  • Hi C2 Communitie

    After some hours working in our projects in C2 we end having different zoom values in every layout, which is cool, but sometimes we would like to reset those zoom levels.

    It will be very helpful to have a textBox where we could set the zoom of the current layout or the zoom of all layouts (like the "Grid size" text boxes).

    Something like this:

    I'm pretty sure that a lot of C2 users would be benefited from this and I'm pretty sure it's a easy to add feature.

    Thanks Ashley

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  • If you're right it would be a very good tool, because having many levels when switching from one layout much mistaken.

    I join the request of

    It would also be good to have some tool "Paste in place" like as Adobe Flash, would be very useful when making every GUI layout.

    Greetings from Chile !!

  • isasaurio Thanks!

    Actually you can copy an object, press "Ctrl+V" in order to paste it.

    Then the cursor will change to a "+" simbol.

    Hold the "Shift" key and clic anywhere and it will be "Pasted in place" :/

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