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  • Hei Ashley it would be amazing to have the ability to set the z-index to a value and not just to set it to top/bottom.

    If you ask me why, I build an 64*64 big isometric playfield there the user can place and move buildings. So I would have to make a complicated loop over 4096 fields. And call this loop every time the user creates or move new buildings.

  • Hey Darklinki . I know this answer is late but you could try using the Sprite Action: "Z order">"Move to object". There you could specify where to place it: in front or behind a key object (Ex. Another Sprite).

    Hope to read how you managed to do this if you discovered something else.

  • Funny you brought that back up, I just used that very thing for my isometric map yesterday. I place the building at the already present map tile, and it appears behind the closer tiles.

    However when this post originally appeared, it might have been before that Z option was available. This may be one of the posts that prompted it's addition.

    Before it was available, I made sure my tiles were all there already in their Z positions, and I just set the animations to the building.

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  • In the time I made it this function(Move to object) wasn?t available. Switched the engine cause of this.

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