Feature Request: Set Collision Polygon Options

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  • Ashley

    I have been using Construct 2 for the past few weeks and I am loving it. The game I am working on relies on physics, and I have noticed a few options with the Edit Image / Animation window that would be really useful, both have to do with the 'Set Collision Polygon' tool.

    • A snap to grid option (similar to the snap to grid in the layout view) would be excellent. Something configurable (ie 1x1 pixel, 5x5 pixel, etc).
    • An option to not have the 'Set Collision Polygon' re- 'Guess Polygon Shape' when a new image is loaded. I have been having flaky luck with the Guess Polygon Tool in general, so I have to move the pivots around manually (which is fine) but when I update the image a reload it into the editor, it wipes out my manual work by automatically trying to guess my polygon shape. It is annoying.

    Anyways, excellent work on this tool / editor. My hats off to you guys!

    Thanks alot!


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  • Thanks, added to todo list.

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