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  • I use search box a lot and I am not the only one. Sometimes I have more nested events and even more actions on the same event and filtering when using the search option is not enough. When searching for a specific variable in a long expression is taking a long time.

    We need a highlight option for the searched term. Something similar to breakpoint highlight in the worst case. My personal choice is to highlight the searched word.

    Another problem for me with the filtering of events is that it breaks the visual fluidity of the code. For most of the times I bookmark the specific events and then escape the search filtering just to see the whole code.

    Any support on that?

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  • Really it depends on what you're doing, in many cases I prefer the current results so I can pick which thing I was actually searching for.

    But yes if you are editing code around all instances of a thing, highlighting works better as you don't have to start the search over to find each thing.

    Obviously bookmarking the results is the proper thing to do. but it can conflict with other bookmarks.

    Highlighting would have to allow jumping place to place, so you don't miss any.

    Maybe to make coding it simpler for Ashley, and cover the bases, have a button to add "Search bookmarks" to the results. so after you clear the search filter you would have all the results in you bookmark window with orange flags instead of red.

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  • Paradox good idea with the "search bookmarks". The way I view it , something like "save search result to bookmark" will be very useful.

  • I did request the same thing as well before but decided the search function would be good enough. Now I change my mind and would have to agree that highlighting might be more useful. When you search it shows partial codes rather then redirect to the line of code you want to be at.



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