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  • Hello!

    First of all: the new save/load system is absolutely great! I'd like to see more options, though. For example, in my game I'd like to save all object data for a level editor. In this case I don't want all global variables to save.

    Perhaps a function 'Save all objects' and 'Save all variables' would be nice. :)

    ~ Thijs

  • Can you explain precisely why this is necessary? Why can't you change the global variables after 'On load'?

  • My game is connected to a MySQL database (for user data and in the future a user created leveldata) I'd like to add a level editor to it, and the new save/load feature would be ideal if it wasn't for the fact it saves everything. The user data is actually saved into global variables, so I don't want that to be overwritten when I load the game. Besides, I don't want the player to post their user data (variables) when they're uploading their levels!

    Perhaps a solution could be to tell Construct what to save. (variables/objects)

    I hope I made it more clear now. I know how long your to-do-list is and I have no idea if it's hard for you to implement. Therefore, I'll respect your opinion if you think it's important enough to add. <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Have a nice day!

    ~ Thijs

  • Ashley

    I would like to ask you if is possible to implement two things too.

    Feature requested:

    • Last saved data;
    • Local saved data list;

    What expect from these features:

    • Last saved data will be used to make easy the implementation of the Continue button, picking the saved data with the newest date;
    • Local saved data list will be loaded inside a special string saved with the save data, so, when you want save the game, you can restore the list to give to the player the saved list, with date, hour, etc, and he will can replace one of the save slots or make a new one.

    Also, it will make easy to make a list for a Load menu.

    What the deal without these features:

    Actually, I'm figuring out how to implement a load menu with 3 slots, and a continue menu too. Maybe it's simple and can be achieved with less than 10 events, but I have no idea of how.

  • Thijsku

    You could log all your object position into an array and convert it to JSON and load it up when the game starts ...

    That's how I do it ...

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  • Well you should be able to do this by shifting your variables in to an object with a No Save behavior, then copying the variables back after On Load. I guess having a 'no save' option for event variables would make this easier though?

    TELLES0808 - you could make a 'continue' option just by saving the slot name to WebStorage when saving.

  • I guess having a 'no save' option for event variables would make this easier though?

    I think that's a great solution. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Whiteclaws , you can give me a sample .capx please? I'm totally retarded when talking about JSON.

    Thank you Whiteclaws and Ashley

  • TELLES0808 , Please don't distribute this one :(

  • Okay, thank you Whiteclaws

  • TELLES0808 , you just copy that code and you load it to the array ... and you're done ! (Removing link)

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