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  • It would be nice to have this feature because when you have multiple layers that was initially invisible at the start of the level. When you restart the layout the layers isn't reset to the initial state they started at. So you have to make events to hide whatever layers that isn't suppose to be showing. So IMO it would be nice to have a Reset Layers option or include it getting done with the Reset Layout command. I mention this cause my gameover screen and title screen is usually on the same layout. So initially the GameOver layer is invisible until the game is actually over and the TitleScreen only show at the start of the game.

  • If all layers are visible to start with then On start of layout set whatever layers you dont want to see to invisible. Obviously on a restart this will do the same thing. Unless i am missing your point.

  • I thought the same but restart doesn't reset the layers on restart of the layout. I look at the manual stated it only resets the events if you want to do global variables you have an option of resetting them yourself. Ashley even stated that restart layout does not reset everything that being layers...and stated that there was a trivial work around but when you have multiple layers to reset what may seem trivial can become tedious...you would think jump to one layout and back would do it but it doesn't.

    So why not have an option to just say reset layers.

  • Hey thats interesting. I never knew about that problem. Its also intersting that Ashley states there may be other things that dont get reset either. I always assumed a restart took you back to the initial state when first run.

  • Boy was I stumped when I was working on my small project. Then I looked it up.

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  • I agree that a "Reset Layer" action would be very useful. I work with a lot of UI and sometimes it's annoying to set an action for every single layer and for every single layout. It's double work.

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