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  • I use the search feature to find events, variables, etc a lot but I feel there are simple additions or changes that would really help me save time.

    There are multiple situations I run into but here is just one in order to illustrate:

    I use the search and find several events I would like to examine. All the sub-events / nested events are hidden though so I can't get the full picture of what is happening. I understand the events are hidden / collapsed to make it easier to find the part I am searching for but it would be nice to be able to expand. When I exit/escape from the search the scroll doesn't stay focused on the highlighted event and all groups are returned to being collapsed. So the best way to explore further is to remember the event (line) number, escape, then scroll and expand groups as needed. If I don't find what I am looking for I have to re-enter the search and find the next.

    Maybe I use more groups and nested events than others so they don't come across this problem, but I am trying to stay organized by using a lot of groups so I would love if the search feature would save me from expanding & collapsing back and forth when bouncing back and forth between two areas.

    Other thoughts/ideas/suggestions

    • Highlight Action results that matches search
    • Expand nested events during search
    • Collapsing groups during search. This would be helpful when sorting through many results.
    • Result Counter. Example: the search term "health" was found 23 times. Even better: was found 13 times in reference to instance variable, 8 times in a function name, and 2 times in an object name
    • Double Clicking on event, or highlighting and exit search, will keep focus on that event (as in keep groups expanded and scroll bar on that event)
    • Searching non-events would be helpful sometimes as well. For example, search for all objects with a behavior (solid, platform, etc) or that have an instance variable (probably not helpful for an organized programmer but sometimes I forget which object I gave a variable to).

    Not asking for all of these but any additions would be greatly appreciated.

    Please let me know if I am unaware of more detailed search options. Thanks

  • If i understood correctly, C2 won't be getting new functions, only corrections.

  • If i understood correctly, C2 won't be getting new functions, only corrections.

    If that is true, can someone tell me if search is better in C3??

    ...I think I heard that too but I'd figure I would still bring it up. I figure it may be helpful feedback for C3 if it acts the same way, and you never know.

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  • Yes, it is. I love it

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