[Feature Request] "Can fall thought jump-thru platform?"

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  • Hi

    I think it would be very useful for the platform behaviour an "Can fall thought jump-thru platform?" property

    For default set on "Yes", so there will be no problem with existing projects

    And if you switch to "No", the player can jump and fall thought jump-thru platform like if the platform did not exist at all

    It would be excellent for a fish enemy:

    The fish needs the platform behavior for swim and jump, but he does not need to fall in to the jump-thru platform

    Thanks in advance

    José Silva

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  • You can use variables to enable/disable the jump through behavior. Check out the attached capx. Is this what you want to achieve?

  • Hi, thanks for the answer but I don't want to disable the jump through behavior because I want that the player can stand on the jump through platform.

    Only the Player, not the fish.

    Sorry for my English.

  • If you don't care about controlling the fish with the platform behavior and you just using it for the jumping arc, then you can use an other, hidden object to do the jumping and add its Y values to the fish. Check the capx.

    On the other hand, if you do want to control the fish with the platform behavior, then I can't think of something, you'll need a way for the the solid/jump-through behaviors to be object oriented (for lack of better wording), like with the tabbing system that we have for the audio object, or even the shadow & lighting behavior.

  • I think I got it, I will try to integrate it in my Project. Be back.

  • Here's a possible way to do it:

  • ramones that's brilliant and elegant!

  • ramones eli0s Thank you very much! My Project is one step less of be complete! I hope you get my game once it's done! Thanks!

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