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  • Hi C2 Communitie

    With Windows 10 (Desktop and Mobile) already on the market, we need a way to monetize our projects on the Windows Store, so it would be an extremely helpful tool to have the pubCenter plugin updated.

    Right now the pubCenter plugin have only two properties:

      1. Application ID 2. Ad unit ID

    But, when you are setting up your app on the Windows Store Dashboard you have 4 properties (2 for Desktop and 2 for Mobile).

    Where the "Application ID" is the same for ads of the same "Device family" but the "Ad unit ID" is unique for all of them.

      1. Mobile Banner 2. Mobile Video interstitial 3. PC/Tablet Banner 4. PC/Tablet Video interstitial

    So, I believe that the next update of the plugin should consider these information and include those 4 properties.

    I'm pretty sure that a lot of C2 users would be benefited from this.

    Thanks Ashley

  • An update would be great! And Interstitial just has one parameter right now but you need to add two to make it work?

    It asks for a ad ID but if you create a new banner in the win dev Center you get a new app id and banner id at the same time so both values need to be changed for it to work?

    (but different banner id only useful to track where this banner is shown e.g. to see if more banners are shown on specific layout?)

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  • And allowing more params or multiple PubCenter plugins would allow to show a normal banner on PC and another like interstitial on phone. Right now I can only use one for all platforms.

    Other topic with update suggestion and a reply from Ashley

  • And it would be great if you could update/support more ad sizes like: 300 x 50 or 480 x 80

    this sizes are used in Windows app campaigns but not available in the PubCenter Plugin. Ashley

  • Hi. Is it possible to update the WinStore plugin and add some new things like an action to open the feedback hub?

    https://msdn.microsoft.com/windows/uwp/ ... m-your-app

    This allows you to manage bug reports and suggestions in the win dev Center.

    Other things like custom data/metrics for analytics seem to be more complicated but this could be easy to add Ashley ? <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • Any one else?

  • 2017 - nothing changed. Still it is impossible to normally install advertisements on Windows 10.

    However, I still did not find anything except the article about Windows 8.1 SDK and that is no longer relevant.

  • I removed all adds and I hope construct 3 fixes this. 🙄

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