Feature Request: Prefabs/Nested Object Hierarchies

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  • Hi,

    First thanks to the developers for making Construct 2 such a great, well-supported and well-documented product. I've used many engines over the years both professionally and as a hobbyist and Construct 2 is a joy to use! I've been blown away by all the great documentation, examples, and the active community you've built here.

    All that said, one feature that I sorely miss is the ability to create nested composite object templates at design time for later reuse. Construct's container concept scratches the surface, but I'm looking for something along the lines of Unity prefabs, where objects don't just reference each other for creation/destruction but are combined to make a new type of object entirely. I'm aware that pin behavior can be used at runtime to lock objects together, and that the container property can be used to create flat composite objects that are somewhat prefab-like, but neither quite fits the bill.

    Ideally composite objects would consist of a top-level parent object acting as a container for other objects like sprites, text, or anything else. The parent object could be accessed by scripts and would expose the child objects as properties. The child objects could be automatically pinned to the parent as well even at design time; one could drop in composite objects based on a template, move them around, rotate them, etc. without worrying about maintaining the relative positions of child objects.

    I imagine all this would be a large amount of work for you guys on the Construct 2 team (sounds like a rabbit hole to me, I admit), but I hope you'll consider it.


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  • Like Spriter? I think it has a lot what you are looking for ..And then some (with only 25usd)

  • Thanks Joannak, I had briefly checked out Spriter but I'll give it more serious investigation. It may be more flexible than I thought. $25 is definitely a bargain either way.

  • Well, it's animation tool, so it can't do all the imaginable things, but there are a lot of interesting possibilities and they develop and test with C2 .. As you'll see on their site and videos, they seem to be using Construct quite a lot. I'd recommend checking of their latest video, there are some really neat features that are not yet available on publicly available C2 -plugin.

    Video on youtube:

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    Their example code: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/257 ... index.html

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